I had always been a mommy’s girl when I was living in Taiwan, but I really longed to put everything here aside and leave for a working holiday in Australia.When the company dispatched me to a long-term overseas post, I was both excited and nervous as I faced an unforeseen future. After taking the assignment, […]


One year, I happened to follow a group of research and development supervisors and the owner on a business trip.On our return trip, we stopped at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, and suddenly, a huge thunderstorm came in. All flights were cancelled.And being the most junior staff, I even got lost and couldn’t reach my supervisors! […]


Come to think of it, I have joined Wistron for almost four years now. I remember that one week after I first joined, I started my very first business trip. I was so looking forward to it and set out with great excitement. In the following years, I have had to go on business trips […]