At Wistron, all of my colleagues are very friendly, and the work pace is fairly fast. I absorb different kinds of knowledge every day, particularly when working on special projects with my mentor. Time feels as if it just flies by, and it’s also very rewarding. What’s more valuable is that I am able to learn from my mentor, thoroughly and step-by-step. I can also continuously challenge myself; whenever I ask my colleagues about any questions that I have, they all do their best to help me. Aside from work, there are also a wide array of lunch options to choose from, and a gym to strengthen our bodies, so that we are not only able to work happily but also live passionately.

After I started working at Wistron, the best benefits I’ve found are certainly the following:

  1. Gym: One could pay hefty monthly fees for an outside gym membership, but Wistron’s gym is right next to the office, so going there for a workout straight after work is super convenient.
  2. Vitality Leave: This point is particularly attractive: not only we have annual leave as regulated by the Labor Standards Law, but everyone is also allowed to use vitality leave to slow down their pace a little, put aside their work, readjust their own pace, and set off once again once they are ready.
    I’d like to give everyone a few little recommendations regarding work/life balance:
  3. Cultivate interests you love so that they can be the motivation that supports your life, and you will also be filled with passion towards life. You might just find that all the issues you encounter at work can all be solved in this way.
  4. Treat life as a learning process. Find your own faith in life and value of existence.
  5. Think about the person you don’t want to become five years from now: in my case, I don’t want to become someone who neglects family and quality of life, and only pursues money, because I am too focused on work. I can begin making changes now to become the person I want to be, with a dynamic and healthy work/life balance.
    After working in Xizhi for more than two months, I found that the night markets, ice cream shops, and street food vendors here are all very welcoming. What’s more special is that there are also all kinds of exotic gourmet eats, such as Thai food, Vietnamese food, and Indian curries. Some vendor stalls are even hidden in small alleys; there’s a new adventurer waiting around every corner. New discoveries of these delicacies have brought me another kind of enjoyment outside of work; and I haven’t found a single stall that I didn’t like.