Sometimes I feel that fortune really favors fools, even though I didn’t have such a smooth experience in my first job, I didn’t give up. I decided to start all over again from the very beginning and changed my career path. Very luckily, I joined Wistron. Even though my new responsibilities are of a different field from my major in school, and I was certainly feeling nervous, my curiosity to discover a new area had prompted me to move forward. Thanks to Wistron’s comprehensive educational training system, rookies were led to instantly absorb the company culture and be integrated into the team. It has allowed me to more confidently and passionately devote myself in my work, as I develop my professional life in Wistron. “With regards to passion towards one thing, it doesn’t begin from trying but from familiarity.” After joining Wistron, I upheld this belief as I carried myself through the bottleneck period. Now it’s been one year since I joined Wistron, and I am still very much enjoying it. 
Wistron has been planning ahead and devoting itself to digital transformation.  During this nearly one year of time, I’ve learned the applications of many digitalized tools, such as Power BI, RPA, and O365 Power Platform.  I’ve also gone beyond the default operational procedure and thought about how to improve the operational methods and to enhance efficiency. Furthermore, I’ve also met many colleagues who are understanding and friendly, seniors who like to share their knowledge and experiences, co-workers who support each other and collaborate with one another, as well as supervisors who are willing to trust and delegate to the staff. Success doesn’t necessarily make a person feel happy, but happiness will allow people to succeed. I am grateful that I am in a team where people cooperate with and help one another. It has expanded my horizon and will help me harvest a career with more extensive possibilities in the future. 

I’ve once heard a quote, “In many cases, you have to first empty yourself before you are able to learn.” I believe that one can encounter unexpected matters through work, and Wistron has always improved ceaselessly and pursued excellence. It’s similar to an eagle that keeps flying because its child is still learning how; only through continual breakthroughs would there be a chance for new knowledge to flow in. Each rookie’s flying journey may be different. At Wistron, we are allowed to freely explore methods to coexist with the unknowns, discover different sides of us through the process, and create our own values!