The Company is putting in a concerted effort to overseas expansion to elevate its influence and become the leading business in the industry for the next few years. This will strengthen the Company’s overall position.

When this task was assigned to me, I was apprehensive, but keen to take it on. After all, this was a brand-new environment that posed numerous challenges. Though I was ambivalent, I thought I might as well try to look forward to it. The only shortcoming was that I had to temporarily leave behind my beloved wife and daughter, which was very difficult for me.

The moment I set foot outside the airport in Beijing for the first time, the metropolis welcomed me with a gust of bone-chilling wind. I was told that there had been heavy snow a few days ago. The tree branches were glazed with ice, and the view was a spectacle of picturesque silver. But stepping on the snow this time was not the enjoyment of a holiday itinerary – I had to live in this place now. In my heart, I was exuberant. But treading on the icy road surface risked an immediate fall. I learned right away that this was the first thing a resident in Beijing should get used to, but I was not. It seemed I had to make an effort to get accustomed to the local life and try to fit in.

The wolfish fighting spirit was at one point a disincentive to me. If you never come across and face the competition, you will never realize the panache and determination of such a culture. To live on green pastures, people will give anything, do everything, mobilize every resource, and do their utmost to meet this goal. It is as much an obsession as it is a spirit. During my long expatriate days, I came to adopt the wolfish fighting spirit. Combined with my original professionalism, I managed to create my own style.

As an expatriate, I suffered through many long nights. The loneliness of being away from my family and the hardships of living in a foreign city have since made an imprint on my mind. This was an opportunity of a lifetime, as well as a challenge. I could not quite put it into words, but the experience was unique, and I was the only person who knew how it felt to live through it.