I was assigned to do Research and Development Substitute Service, so I had to stay and work for a company for three years. Therefore, choosing the right company was my biggest concern. Wistron is an international corporation. It has a good pay structure and extensive welfare and comprehensive organizational culture, systems, and protocols. This would allow me to learn different aspects of a company. I thought Wistron would be a good choice as the first stop of my career in cultivating my working capability and soft skills. For technical staff, Wistron indeed possesses an environment that can shape my hard skills. 

In Wistron, there are many opportunities where you get to collaborate with people from different units, even international counterparts. You get to work together to create value and learn how to coordinate with others while polishing your own professional skills. Apart from keeping up to date with the most advanced technology of various industries, Wistron is also an important driving force in the technology localization process. I believe that working in Wistron would be helpful for cultivating one’s professionalism, technical caliber and market sensitivity. 

Of course, as a newbie, I had come to realize that things were not what they seemed. When I first joined, I was clueless and followed the rules that I learned as a student, and that is, I did as I was told. Whenever I encountered a technical problem, I just went ahead and put in the time and effort to resolve the problem. But I always ended up wasting too much time and effort without getting any result and failed miserably. Just a gentle reminder-when you come across a supervisor willing to spend the time to guide you, do not let the opportunity go to waste! I started to learn how to work “smart” in problem solving. I learned to think independently, propose a solution, evaluate the risk, set the stop loss point, report the bottlenecks promptly and actively, discuss with colleagues about the countermeasures and change strategy when necessary. Gradually, my supervisor was comfortable in giving me assignments and a good working environment was thus fostered. 

In two months, my substitute service will end. Somebody asked me if I was going to join another company. I said no because Wistron has given me so much. I have not really digested what I have been learning for the past three years. My journey in Wistron shall go on. I shall stand by Wistron and grow strong.