My job consists mainly of two parts: first, operating employee branding, which can also be considered a part of brand marketing. So, I am always advertising Wistron’s client’s brands through various marketing channels, such as KOL marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, etc. The other part of my job focuses on talent recruiting, where I assist supervisors in finding outstanding personnel within certain deadlines.

A career at Wistron has also helped me in my personal life; the shuttle service for employees to travel to and from work has been a true benefit for me. I don’t have to ride in crowded trains, and I also don’t have to walk a long way to the office; the benefit of taking a short break on the shuttle makes my working days perfect from start to end. Moreover, the company’s gym and yoga class have also allowed me to build an exercising habit; and my sleep quality at night has also therefore improved.

People often say that working requires sacrificing quality of life, but working at Wistron has actually enhanced my quality of life; I now live a more disciplined lifestyle, and I’ve also had more time to discover my interests. My advice would be that you should proactively choose the life you want and take control of your time, so that you can avoid being chased by your work. You should also give yourself some time to ponder your future and consider what kind of life you want.