There are two reasons why I chose Wistron to be my first company to work for after graduation:
First, I was keen on working for a large-scale company with a comprehensive benefits program; and Wistron is extremely influential within Taiwan’s tech industry. So amongst the many companies I considered, Wistron was no doubt my best choice.
Secondly, the HR personnel who contacted me at that time, who is now also my colleague, made me feel that she was carefully evaluating each and every candidate. Even though I didn’t have any full-time job experience at that time, she still respected each of my internship and competition experiences. Put together, this all made me choose Wistron.

My primary job is to promote the company’s brand image; thus, I need to be in constant contact with different marketing companies. At the same time, I also need to be knowledgeable concerning the roles and recruiting needs of Wistron’s different divisions, and collect data from colleagues in various departments to serve as the basis for promoting Wistron’s advantages. These processes have given me the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues from different departments to achieve our goals, allowed my cross-department communication capabilities to greatly improve, and helped my colleagues understand the devoted management of the client branding team.

What I’d like to share is that every newcomer at Wistron will be accompanied by a mentor, who will offer assistance and guidance when you encounter any difficulties at work. More importantly, whether you are a newcomer or an intern, you will be able to express your own opinions, and have your comments heard, and even put into action. This atmosphere is what I like about Wistron. If, like me, you have many ideas about your work that you haven’t been able to accomplish, then join Wistron, and your talent will have the chance to be seen and shine!