Due to the work responsibility of my job, I often have to work with different departments in the office. And from many of my conversations with my colleagues, I could clearly feel Wistron’s unique and open ambiance. This workplace emphasizes one’s characteristics more than the gender; no one would neglect your professionalism per stereotypical impressions, and your assessment will be based purely on your capability. In fact, being a minority, a person would feel emotionally stressed, and it’s naturally an instinct. This pressure doesn’t come from professional incapability, but it’s from feeling lonely and lacking belonging. So, creating a place where everyone could work together with an eased mind is crucial. It must begin from understanding and to respect each other, and it won’t be accomplished with only a few people’s efforts; it must be a collective consciousness. 

In addition to the basic maternity leave, breastfeeding room, birth monetary incentive, childcare resources information, and other policies, Wistron is able to offer even more valuable elements, such as working environment, supervisors’ supports, and non-gender-biased attitude; so that everyone is able to demonstrate their potentials. A female colleague who works in engineering related department once told me, whenever being asked, “You are busy with work every day, are you able to take care of your family?”, it’s actually hinting that people still have the stereotype that taking care of family is only a woman’s job. But at Wistron, besides asking me the same caring words, people would also post the same questions to male workers, which makes me feel better. 

Regardless of what type of person we are, all of our dedication and talent shall never be restrained due to our external environment. As long as you are able to show your influence, even if you are a minority, you’ll eventually bring up beautiful waves from small ripples.