This is my 10th year in the workforce.  During my 10 years of career, I’ve changed among different industries, but I’ve always stayed in HR.  And being in HR, I’ve met many job seekers from diverse backgrounds and visited numerous supervisors; even though I am not considered experienced, I’d still like to contribute some thoughts from my personal professional career with you all. Some people might think capability is the most important in a working environment, and some might feel that tactics are the most crucial.  But from my point of view, neither of these is the most critical element – credit is. Credit is intangible – it can’t be seen nor touched, and we’d never know how much credit we’ve accumulated in other people’s minds.  What we can do is merely give great performance in each mission and strive to accumulate our credit.

When I first started working, I’d often wonder why I’d receive more questioning comments than my supervisor when we presented the same project.  And in fact, the reason is simply that my supervisor had already gained countless years of experiences and performance results.  In other words, my supervisor’s credit was more than what I had as an entry-level staff. One can interpret it as credit accumulation is simply building one’s own brand.  We should keep polishing our brands, presenting great quality work, and allowing everyone to believe in our output; then, our brand would gradually become more valuable. Honesty and integrity are one of Wistron’s four core values, complementing the “credit” above-mentioned.  Only by ensuring each of our output does not deviate from the framework of honesty and integrity, would we be able to build credit. Humans are social animals; all of our collaborations and establishment of relationships are basically the building of credit.  Therefore, credit is the most critical foundation in the workforce that would support us behind our brand.  I wish everyone would all be able to gradually establish their brands that they are proud of.