Before I finished my graduate studies, I was fortunate to participate in an internship program in the finance industry. When I was searching for my first job, my primary goal was to try a profession in a different field. Through meeting colleagues or supervisors from various backgrounds, I thought I might be able to help myself gradually discover my own career path. 

Also, in addition to my specialties from graduate school, my current job responsibilities also encompass additional challenges. For example, I’ve chosen to continuously increase my knowledge per the needs of special projects or daily business affairs. For me, it’s a great opportunity to prompt myself to enhance my skills.  And I also aspire that I’d continue to absorb like a sponge, internalizing this knowledge and meeting the company’s expectations of my respective office position. 

I think the most rewarding thing for me while working at Wistron is thinking outside the framework of textbooks and integrating with the company’s approach in practice. Professional knowledge from textbooks is definitely crucial, but there may be flexible adjustments that can be made in different companies. And at Wistron, I’ve also gradually learned to possess more flexible responses in different scenarios in addition to based on the principle of academic knowledge. 

For me, the ambiance of an organization or a team is an extremely critical factor. If I were to introduce a colleague or a friend, I’d especially mention the lively, yet also professional, working environment here.

At Wistron, colleagues might be working closely with one another on their projects; and the lively working environment would not only allow yourself and your colleagues to share the sense of achievement after reaching your goals, it’d also positively impact your own mindset while resolving obstacles, helping you to more calmly think over your troubles in hand.

Newcomers in the workforce are usually fairly estranged with their working environment, and a lively working environment will help ameliorate their nervousness so that they can fully actualize their capabilities.