The future ahead lies the era of the Internet of Things (IoT). Wistron is the leading business in 5G. To me, it is the best corporation. Being young and ambitious, I would like to take on the challenge in the future. Thankfully, I was assigned to the department that dealt with future, cutting-edge telecommunication technology. This opportunity that was hard to come by was so gratifying that I felt passionate about my job the very moment I started out. Now, I am filled with pride about my job and keen to recommend my friends to join Wistron as well. 

Wistron loves its employees like its family, which I find heartening and consider myself fortunate. My colleagues have been caring for me, a newbie. They have imparted much professional knowledge at work and are very generous in sharing professional techniques with me. As a result, I have managed to pick up a lot of techniques within a short period of time. At the same time, as I am a slow learner, many colleagues have offered me a lot of flexibility to figure things out for myself and explore different fields. 

In the past year since I have joined Wistron, I have learned much professional knowledge that university had not exposed me to. At the same time, it has been helpful for me in resolving problems I have encountered in my topical study. Apart from gaining guidance on the topical study and professional knowledge, I was given an opportunity to join Wistron after the internship without any interval. 

Do not be afraid to do your internship at Wistron. The engineers are very friendly to new colleague. The Company treats its employees like family. Wistron is truly like a big family and I am part of it. I might have left my hometown to work in Taipei, but here, I feel cared for. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in Wistron, because everyone is accommodating with newbies. Regardless of work or life related problems, everyone is like a big brother and will look out for you. Not only my colleague, I also revere my supervisor. My supervisor is like a guardian who looks after me. Wistron loves its employees like a parent and I shall always remember the graciousness of Wistron.