I had always been a mommy’s girl when I was living in Taiwan, but I really longed to put everything here aside and leave for a working holiday in Australia.
When the company dispatched me to a long-term overseas post, I was both excited and nervous as I faced an unforeseen future.

After taking the assignment, I began my preparation in Taiwan with my Thai lessons and learning about local cultures. I also got myself ready to miss hometown food and my overseas assignment; and of course, I also began putting together a list of tourist attractions~~~
The most interesting thing was that the factory was located in Thailand’s countryside; from the factory, there was an amazing view of enormous fields. There were even pangolins on the roads; residents nearby were also raising elephant calves, and you could give 20 baht to the owner to feed them bananas yourself – they were just so adorable! And of course, you have to have a drink at Bangkok’s sky bar; light pollution in Thailand is not as bad as in Taipei. It was really hot but was also very quiet.

What I was least accustomed to was sharing rooms with roommates, which happened when there were not enough rooms available at hotels on our business trips. Everyone’s schedules and habits were different. One of my roommates was really a nightmare, who would have three different alarm clocks go off at 5am, but she wouldn’t wake up to turn them off – I think she couldn’t hear them at all! The alarms would continue until 7am. What got me the most was that she would eat spicy dried squid in the bathroom! And when it was my turn to go to the bathroom, I saw armies of ants eating the leftover spicy dried squid, and I had to clean it up! I was really angry and went to change my room right away!

However, I was also lucky to have these experiences so that I could completely give up on a working holiday in Australia. I realized that I am not good with group living – I need to have private space and time. However, no matter if they are good or bad memories, they are all great experiences to me.
When I was working abroad, I’d miss my family and the food back home, and I also worried about the health issue regarding them.

Thai food is really delicious, but when I received a zongzi (Chinese traditional food) that was specially prepared for the Taiwanese staff during that year’s Dragon Boat Festival, it really eased my longing for my homeland~
While living abroad, I had to deal with many things by myself, and I had to quickly learn how to be independent.
While living abroad, I came into contact with different ethnic groups around the world and faced all kinds of cultural shock, but I also found many wonderful new friends when I was learning English. My attitude towards the world underwent tremendous changes.
It’s great to be able to work overseas when you are young; the world out there is enormous. Be more courageous, be stronger, and learn to live alone; even though it may be painful, there will also be amazing memories – every memory will become one of your adventures in life!