My last job was as an engineer. After I had a baby, whenever I had to go on business trips overseas, I found that my baby would wake up in the middle of the night, crying and looking for mommy. So I made up my mind and chose to change my path to product coordination; becoming a mother really made me pluck up my courage to make the change. I’ve now worked at Wistron for two years, and I’ve completed two projects successfully and smoothly. My wish to be a great role model for my child has grown closer to fruition every day!

There is a gym and also shower rooms right at Wistron. For a mom who doesn’t have time to work out after going home, this is a great perk; and the view outside the company gym is just amazing. I really enjoy my time alone there. The company even has a drawing class, with a very small entry price. The teacher is really amazing, and drawing is really relaxing for me. If we don’t have time to attend the class, there is also an online recording for us to watch, so it’s really convenient for everyone!

After becoming a mother, I feel that work/life balance is something truly difficult to achieve, so there is only give and take. If it’s something I really want to do, then even if I have to sacrifice my sleep, I’ll still try to accomplish it. I really love my job, and I have found that I can get a great sense of achievement from my work. I try to arrange fun activities during my spare time – you only live once, so I try to do things that I won’t regret, and I’m treasuring every moment!