Actually, last year, when I first found out I had to go on a business trip, I was upset and quite worried, after all, the global pandemic was still grim and my family was against the idea. I thought about it and contemplated why the company asked me to due to the necessary business expansion. After thinking it through, I found that it would be a good opportunity for my career as well. While thinking positively as much as possible, I tried to persuade my family to let me go. After the project was finished, I could also pay my parents a visit back home. 

Interestingly, this time, I got to go to a metropolitan area where I had always wanted to but never had the opportunity to-Shanghai. When I started working, I had the desire to go there and get started with nothing. But for some reason, it did not happen and I had to give up. After this business trip, I had more yearning for the place. The thing I could not get used to the most was not being around my family. I could not have dinner with them. But then, after the project was over, I could get together with my aging parents. 

My experience overseas allows me to develop a product and its manufacturing process from a practical point of view. Not only must I design the framework of the product during the development process, I also had to take into account the practical application of production. It is helpful to my development process in the future, as I can also take into consideration the feasibility aspect during the production. During these business trips, the process of providing support has not only enhanced my experience, I am also able to foster a closer relationship with counterparts that I have been liaising with remotely. 

After weighing the pros and cons, the overseas business trips have actually provided us with many advantages.