The moment you open your eyes in the morning, your first thought is that the clock is ticking on the time you have before you have to leave home. When you step into the office, you face an assault of different meetings, as well as the influx of data, e-mails and information on your computer screen. When you are conversing with colleagues during lunch, your mind still processes the tasks ahead non-stop. When the bell marking the second half of the day clangs, you repeat what you did in the first half of the day, until the punch clock announces with a “beep” that working hours have ended. All your thoughts start to cool down amid nightfall. This is everybody’s life.

But the soul screams for more. When you wake up in the morning, you not only wake up to the ticking clock, but also the brightening blue sky. In the office, your scurrying is not merely braving an assault, but also is accompanied by the comradeship of your colleagues who brave the hardships with you.
During the interval, the bitterness of the knowledge of the tasks ahead harmonizes with the sweetness of a joyful lunch. The repetition before the day ends is like the sautéing of ingredients in your mind, before they are presented as one charming dish. With much gratification, you enter dreamland, awaiting dawn and the next day’s fight.

In terms of the employee benefits at Wistron, I must mention the revitalization leave and compensatory leave without make-up days.
Both types of leave are a little piece of bliss – they will enhance your quality of life directly and make you feel like you have won the race at the starting point.
While others are bustling around at work, we are able to take the opportunity to catch a breath.
We get to look at the white clouds floating by and the hurrying crowds.
This is probably the subtle difference between an exam score of 90 and 92!

Work is part of life. Life is a product of hard work.
So you work and you live. Both are inseparable, like a man and a woman in love.
You do not have to give up or sacrifice anything.
Just follow your heart, and avoid resentment with all your heart.
Like a waltzing couple who must help one another, embrace work and dance with the music of life.
So in the vortex of euphoria, gear up and brave the future.