Wistron is a big tech company and vastly reputable in its field. Many leading global information service providers and businesses are clients of Wistron. When I was in school, I already knew that many products that I was using were produced by Wistron’s foundries. When I found out that my college and Wistron were engaged in industry-academia cooperation, I tried to talk to the relevant unit for an internship opportunity. Wistron is a leading technical service provider (TSP) in Taiwan. It is not easy to pass their recruitment process. At that time, I thought if I could do my internship in Wistron, after graduating, the knowledge and experience that I had gained during the internship should be helpful to my job application to Wistron. I was honored that my performance during the internship was recognized. After the internship ended, I was promoted to a full-time employee. 

As a student doing an internship in Wistron, my biggest accomplishment was joining Wistron as a full-time employee and continuing my service in the Company. My job scope involves a variety of product testing. From a noob, to a savvy employee who is able to write a testing report independently, there are many helpful colleagues who have been generous with their guidance. Therefore, I have been able to grow quickly and efficiently. Nowadays, I am trusted with running a whole set of testing assignments to satisfy specific requirements stipulated by customers. I am most grateful for the help and guidance I have received in Wistron. From an inexperienced student to a savvy full-time employee, the process has been gratifying. 

As the leading tech giant, Wistron is immensely generous with its employee in every regard. Not only the salary aspect, employees are also able to enjoy flexible working hours. They can decide their own working hours within the official time frame. If overtime is required due to large orders received, overtime payment will be made in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. Every two months, a celebrative birthday party will be organized. From time to time, there will be afternoon teas. The bonus and allowance are generous as well. The welfare that an intern gets to enjoy is almost as good as a formal employee. It is gratifying to work in Wistron. The best part of Wistron, in my opinion, is that it has a great working environment with good facilities. Our colleagues are very friendly. Coming to work is not merely about making a living. It is about an endless learning process. Wistron is a great place for those with career aspirations. I am proud to join Wistron. Our Company is actively cultivating new talents. Our colleagues are generous with sharing their knowledge. As a result, I have managed to gain vast knowledge and experience.  From student internship to formal employment after graduation, I started at the bottom in Wistron and have since worked my way up. I am now a proud homegrown Wistron employee. In the future, I shall make more contributions to give back to Wistron for making me the person I am today.