I remember that after I graduated from school, finished my military service, and first entered the workforce, I was eager and ready to show the skills I learned in school. But I didn’t realize that what my company required me to have was knowledge from all-new fields. Being an office rookie (fresh in the sense of my liver as well), I believe that it’s extremely important to humbly seek advice from senior colleagues. Most of the seniors I’ve met have all been willing to share their mindsets, as well as communication and response strategies. “I got to familiarize myself with the all-new environment and obtain a lot of information in a short amount of time,” I said to myself. Only by setting aside my prior skills and status would I quickly adapt to a different environment. And the resources that I’ve gained may also be applied to my professional fields in the future! 

Through continuously absorbing professional knowledge and expanding my horizon, I realized that my horizon had been too limited. Graduating from school is not the end of learning. Everyone has to continually learn and improve throughout their lives to reach higher; views at higher altitudes would also be different. 

At Wistron, my supervisors have given me whole new direction and opportunities for technical research. The company has been ceaselessly innovating, and I’ve also been continuously improving, discovering new interests from my job. As work and interest are combined, then it’s not easy to feel tired from work. Further, as our knowledge grows and surpasses others, then no one could easily threaten our status. Never be scared of learning and challenging yourselves!