Destiny has brought me to work at Wistron, and it was my first time entering the “manufacturing” industry. I was able to borrow my PMO position experiences from leading the research and development team and apply to the newly established “WiMSAI Research and Development Center”. 6 team members and I have been wholeheartedly devoted in the discussion of Wistron AI’s broadness application. My RD partners have also done a fantastic job over the year, presented actual output results, and gradually promoted it to special projects’ needs. 

Actually before joining Wistron, I had also worked in posts in the industry, government, school, and research fields. I thought with my capabilities, I could easily blend into my new job. But with the variance in industry attributes, everyone’s original background and logical thinking are all quite different; it really made me suffer during my first year. Thinking back, the process was really tough, but after seeing the results today, like how this following philosophical saying points out, “There is no such thing as a free lunch; no pain, no gain,” I realized that hard work would pay off one day. 

A hot topic over the recent years is – “Would girl power in the primarily male workforce face more issues or challenges?” I think there are no absolute answers, and it’d all depend on your own values. In a field that males dominate, gender has actually allowed me to go beyond my own difference. I have been advantageous with respect to my soft attitude and rounded skills, and I’ve also created a complementary relationship with my male counterparts. I believe that to become an all-around talent, regardless of men or women, everyone should possess the capabilities of professionalism and problem solving, as well as a disciplined and rounded personality, so that we can stay successful in the roles we are pursuing after. 

At Wistron, one can collaborate with professional cross-field talents and discuss all kinds of techniques, market, and professional knowledge in other areas; they are all challenging and sometimes interesting daily routines. Along with the company’s fine policies, internal research and development resources and experiences are shared across departments. It’s truly a very different experience.  From my point of view, as long as one can match a suitable occupation and find a boss whom he or she can collaborate with, whether they are rookies or experienced staff, female or male, they would definitely all be able to find their own stage to shine under Wistron’s nurturing.  

“It’s easier said than done?” As long as the direction is correct, do it first, gather your courage and just do it!