Smart Home Products Fittest for Personal Needs: The Case of Smart Speaker

The device is more in line with the user’s personal habits and will improves the quality of life
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What is a smart home? It’s more than just the “internet” and “things”.

What is a smart home in mind? In short, it’s not just controlling appliances over the network from the mobile.

So far, no strict definition has been confirmed for “smart home”. In general, it refers to the home automation integrating computers, network communication, and detection and recognition systems. Instead of the simple pursuit of technological advancement, “smart” means the ability to solve problems more efficiently and more securely. Following the advancement of IoT-related technologies in recent years, human’s “active” control of IoT systems has gradually been replaced by the “automatic” recognition of objects after data collection from detectors to calculate the environments and services required by humans, marking the true entry into the world of a smart home.

Smart Speakers: Product and Technology

By integrating IoT application, acoustics R&D, and virtualization technology with hardware-software integration in recent years, besides emphasizing the 3D immersive sound effect, Wistron has engaged in the R&D of professional live-like sound experience. In acoustics R&D, technologies including AI acoustics application and acoustic simulation are applied to the immersive experience and microphone noise cancellation. Major projects include the smart meeting system, smart stereo, and Dolby surround stereo. In the future, Wistron will extend to in-car entertainment systems and build outstanding intelligent products in collaboration with its customer Tier one, a world-leading supplier.

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As the hub of the smart home, the smart speaker can intuitively control smart furniture by voice. Wistron has mature capacity in the R&D and manufacturing of smart speakers. Take Wistron’s world-leading smart home product suppliers for example, besides controlling smart home appliances by voice, the smart voice service can create an immersive automation experience after activating in-depth learning of the user’s habits. As one of the global original design manufacturers (ODM)of smart voice systems, Wistron is committed to creating a better smart voice assistance experience. Besides actively optimizing hardware-software experience and integration, letting consumers use products intuitively and conveniently is Wistron’s unchanged goal in smart speaker manufacturing.

Smart Home Products: Market Status and Prospects

According to Strategy Analytics, the shipping volume of smart speakers and smart displays by 2021Q2 increased by 34.8% YoY to 39.5 million units regardless of the challenge of COVID-19 and materials shortages. According to Jack Narcotta, Strategy Analytics senior analyst, following the consumer’s graduate adaptation to the life with the pandemic, smart speaker manufacturers also adapted to the market and made rapid strategic deployment.

Today, the gradual maturity of IoT and other technologies has enabled the integration of voice assistant applications to make operating different devices more convenient and intuitive. In addition, the AI in-depth learning technology further makes devices more adaptive to the user’s habits to improve living quality. Although global market recovery is pending, the novel technologies and corresponding sales growth of smart products are expected.

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