“Interaction” Focus: A Preview of Smart Home 


Smart Home Now 

Why do we need smart home products? As technology increases its intervention with our daily life, making life more comfortable and more convenient through the smart use of technology is the intent of smart home products. We must have used or heard of the following five categories of smart home products: smart appliance, home security, energy management, home care, daily life services, and entertainment. 

So far, as no service can really integrate all smart home products on a single platform, most services are developed independently with incompatible devices. However, thanks to the gradual advancement of related products, more elaborate smart services are also introduced. 

Smart Home: Realization of the Value of “Interaction” 

By integrating such technologies as communication, acoustics, and edge computing with optics and image adjustment, Wistron has developed and manufactured multifunctional smart cameras, including the smart baby monitoring cam, that can be used in different environments. These cameras are also one of Wistron’s major smart home products. Take the home security in a smart home for example: Besides monitoring pets and children at home, the Yi smart cam by Xiao Mi can also be a motion-activated CCTV camera to send warnings to the user’s mobile after detecting burglar intrusion or any abnormal situations. 

In addition, the US technology startup Nanit has also introduced the Nanit Pro Camera smart monitoring system. Besides the high-resolution image and basic monitoring and detection functions, this system is equipped with the exclusive visual tracking technology whose AI algorithm can provide parents with a complete baby sleep analysis every morning with data including images, temperature, and humidity gathered from the system. 

The smart monitoring system makes baby care more reliable

In addition, Nanit has further introduced the Nanit Smart Sheets this year to automatically measure the baby’s height when parents put the baby on the smart bed sheet. With the exclusive application, parents can track the data and produce a graph to trace the baby’s growth data. 

Future Smart Home at a Glance 

The smart home concept and related products have doubtlessly blended into our daily lives alongside technological advancements. Yet, smart home is still a market of gigantic potential. The increasing popularity of smart home products, growing smart home concept in the consumer’s mind, and vigorous promotion of leading brands such as Apple and Microsoft show that smart home has unlimited potential. After all, before everything becomes smart, new technologies and studies are expected to come to make life more convenient!  

Smart family is a brand sense of application, and the smart speaker is just one example
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