Wistron won the HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia-Taiwan region

Wistron adheres to the "people-oriented" business philosophy and is committed to building a sustainable and altruistic enterprise.

Sustainable Altruistic Enterprise

“Altruism” is Wistron’s business philosophy. It spares no effort in corporate governance, environmental protection, social co-prosperity, and innovative value. It has been affirmed by well-known organizations in various fields, such as: MSCI Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) ratings Won the AA rating, the 25th of largest company in the CSR Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award, and the top 5% of the 7th Corporate Governance Evaluation of the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Participate more actively in social responsibility, initiate the industry’s Gap of Leaning & Field Learning Integration Alliance to help students being familiar with the skills and knowledge required by the industry, held nonprofit movie and documentary lectures to care for the society, encourage colleagues to participate in blood donation, nonprofit sales, and small farmer subscriptions , donate New Year gifts to disadvantaged groups, and other charitable activities.

Encourage Innovative Experimentation and Transformational Thinking

Wistron promotes a culture of innovation and promotes bottom-up innovation momentum, hoping that colleagues can inject fresh water into Wistron. Through the “Golden Brains” competition, employees are encouraged to actively input creative ideas, and a professional consultant team is hired to guide the competition team to conceptualize products and invest in realizing employees’ creative ideas.

In recent years, we have promoted digital transformation more steadily. In the cultivation of digital hard power, we have introduced digital tools to improve employee productivity. The hackathon which is about to held the third time. It encourages colleagues to explore the pain points in the daily work process, through team brainstorming and the application of digital tools, to build an exclusive system to solve operational difficulties, optimize the actual work process of colleagues, and improve work efficiency. Gradually implement digital transformation.

In addition to the cultivation of hard power, Wistron puts more emphasis on the shaping of the transformation culture (mindset), creating the DnA Academy, establishing and cultivating Wistron’s digital transformation talents, and establishing a digital transformation knowledge platform, starting from strategy to implement standard guidance book, deepen the transformational thinking of colleagues.

By discussing with colleague can bring up new ideas

Talent Cultivation and Development

Human capital is the key factor of organizational differentiation and competitive advantage, and it is also the cornerstone of business operation. In addition to pursuing business growth and profit, Wistron also focuses on the cultivation and development of long-term talents. Adhere to the “people-oriented” management philosophy, establish a competence-based training system, and provide a working environment for colleagues at the right level, so that colleagues at all levels can carry out personal career development in the system. In order to provide a diversified learning environment, Wistron provides various online and offline learning courses, and introduces a cloud training system and learning APP platform to allow colleagues to learn independently and obtain the latest knowledge and skills in real time.

In addition to the complete training system, Wistron also designs different development projects according to colleagues at different levels. Taking newcomers as an example, in order to quickly integrate newcomers into the organizational environment, in addition to holding cultural experience camps, the chairman personally communicates with colleagues about the core value and management culture of the company. In order to enhance the digital professional ability of colleagues to advance with the times, Wistron has cooperated with international consulting companies to set up a digital college to guide colleagues to learn and grow through systematic curriculum design, qualification certification, and incentive programs, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the organization.

Wistron has always spared no effort in cultivating supervisor leadership. In order to improve the preparation of the management echelon. Wistron has introduced a leadership evaluation system that benchmarks against global companies and conducts a comprehensive inspection and review of the company’s management talents. Through systematic talent inventory, 9-box talent matrix identification and discussion in the talent evaluation committee, accurately identify the development potential of talents, and then draw up corresponding personal development plans. These plans include personal competence development, team learning and executive coaching (Executive Coach). Through tailor-made personal development plans, colleagues can in-depth study and self-upgrade in the workplace, effectively consolidate organizational centripetal force, and enhance organizational management maturity.

Nurturing talent and development, provide employees with learning resources

WiCare-Enjoying Wistron

Adhering to the recognition and practice of the core value of “people-oriented”, we create a happy workplace for Wistron. When commuting, Wistron provides transportation service for colleagues with a total of 40 routes, to solve the problem of colleagues’ commuting.

In order to emphasize work-life balance, Witron also provides a flexible on/off duty mechanism for all employees and an extra seven days of vacation that is superior to the law; WIstron also takes practical actions to implement employee health management and care, and provides regular one-on-one physician consultation services, health topic lectures, and i-Sports activities, etc., to establish a healthy lifestyle for employees.

In addition, Wistron not only cares about the employees themselves but also the family members employees care about. The family day and praise dinner held regularly every year. Wistorn encourages colleagues to bring their family members to participate. The company also provides group insurance discounts for employees’ family members, maternity rewards and emergency relief loans. In addition to taking care of the employees themselves, Wistron also takes care of the families of colleagues, so that colleagues can play their strengths in the workplace without any worries. Provide rewards higher than the industry, fixed monthly salary and bonus, cash/stock compensation. Last year, we launched the “Wistron Version Labor Refund- Employee Stock Ownership Trust ” to help employees plan their wealth ahead of time. Employees can grow with the company.

Provide high-level gym to take care of employees
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