Digital transformation is happening for real! Wistron has established the DnA Academy to develop digital talent and build a solid foundation in the International market

The way Wistron maintains its position as an international student is to cultivate active digital talents, and even have courses in the company to make network plans for digital transformation.

An in-company school! The Wistron DnA Academy for talent development

The idea of digital transformation should be instilled in all employees rather than just engineers. A company can only move the gears of transformation, and improve and innovate, by injecting all employees with digital DnA. A deep understanding of this notion has led to one of our proactive measures, the investment of resources in training  within the company –– as a long-term effort in digital transformation.

First of all, the “Digital Transformation Microlearning Course” must be taken by all employees. Light-hearted and popular science films are used to help employees quickly understand the basics of digital transformation. These films are followed by tests to assess how much knowledge has been absorbed. An education and training platform is also available to review the content of the course at any time. In addition to the “Digital Transformation Microlearning Course”, employees with potential also have the opportunity to take part in advanced digital transformation training at the unique Wistron DnA Academy.

The Wistron DnA Academy was established to build a strong workforce proficient in digital transformation. Not only are employees trained and promoted as leaders of digital transformation projects, they are also provided with a stage from which to lead and plan digital application strategies. To start with, McKinsey & Company was hired to assist in organizing the courses, but after two years, courses are now being planned by employees themselves who pass on their own acquired knowledge and experience. These employees are nominated by supervisors and are selected after interviews and subsequent training. Employees are given different forms of training which depends on the role they will play within the team: Translator, PO, and Tech Lead courses.

The DnA Academy training courses differ from most others in that they integrate real-life case studies and simulation exercises. Each course is designed to provide employees with the basics of data architecture technology to achieve end-to-end connectivity and traceability. This makes it easy for them to put what they have learned into immediate practise. Graduates receive certificates and generous bonuses as first steps towards becoming professional digital transformation project leaders within the company.

The DnA Academy has successfully trained more than 1,000 digital transformation experts since its establishment and Wistron has become a benchmark company in the industry with respect to the cultivation of digital transformation talent.

Class discussion at DnA Academy

Top-down transformation, inside-out reform! Change driven by practice builds efficient work patterns

Digitalized information has to be a foundation for all employees and the ability to use what you have learned is the main goal of Wistron digital transformation. The leaders have to set good examples and help employees build new ways of thinking about true digital management, given that what they most fear is the prospect of having to learn to use new tools for digital transformation.

Is the digital transformation being properly implemented? The impressions of the employees will tell. Wistron employees believe that their biggest challenge is the wide range of digital tools that has been introduced for the promotion of intelligentization. These include the establishment of data sharing platforms that allow data sharing and efficient communication between designers and manufacturers. Product development teams have also been set up, using training resources, to accelerate the development of agile application capabilities for 5G and AIoT product development and production applications.

Sound corporate culture is the key to successful digital transformation and is vital to the process. Sound culture allows agile shaping and the creation of an atmosphere where teams members trust and encourage one another. Transformation of the mindset of the members is also important because it makes it possible for the entire company to remain on the right track to digital transformation. Shen Ching-Yao, president of Wistron Corporation and CEO of Wistron Intelligence, says: “Every employee must become a ‘leader’ who facilitates the process of digital transformation. From the vision, defining usage, and developing and launching products, insight is gained and impact is made to generate benefit. There is no shortcut to digital transformation and to achieve our vision, we must embrace change and make it happen.”

Grow and innovate with Wistron on the path to digital transformation

Every company has its own pace and method when implementing digital transformation. What sets Wistron apart is that it has established a learning mechanism that allows employees to initiate their own continued improvement. Not only does this mechanism drive technological innovation and business success, it also offers an opportunity for each employee to increase their own personal value and helps them face any future challenges with determination.

Wistron’s business operations cover 5G and AIoT applications in the areas of vehicle-to-everything (V2X), smart factories, and smart life. The company has extensive corporate resources and constantly innovates to maintain global competitiveness in this growing technology industry. Wistron’s comprehensive corporate system also provides employees with generous salaries and benefits, as well as a stage for international development. Would you like to rise to new heights as a cross-domain talented individual? Join Wistron to learn and grow with the company, and open an exciting new chapter in your career.

Wistron’s key business IoT applications in smart life, homes, transportation and manufacturers

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